What do you call a sick eagle?


Kimheenim: met my best friend Lee Hyukjae at the underground parkinglot #earphone #intimatenote#refreshing game #KimHeechulNice

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I think the saddest thing is that I watch way more anime now than I did in my weeaboo stage.

skate board pls dont leave meeeeee

Target spotted!!

when hip thrusting means cheering for your group n_n;;
Annyeong Summer

On a: Comeback

Hella school man. I survived SY 13-14.

Going to update more istg. Well I need to review for entrance exams rn this May but expect more ok!! Esp SJ Vixx Ifnt comeback ^^

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On the roll

Hannibal S2

Grimm S3


Sleepy Hollow

Kuroko no Baskue S2

dudes in mah life?

Man list

I believe
Kim Heechul as the one and only Goddess. She's my self proclaimed Confucius of K-Idols

On aboard the Figure Skating RPF mainly YUZU and MCM Feel free to spazz with me

I really insist

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